Hay Days 2011


So another show in the books and some history made! Some close calls, some actual wrecks but all in all, Haydays 2011 was a success! Colten and I, along with my great girlfriend and co-driver, Christen, made our way up to Minnesota for the annual event known as Haydays. Pretty much the biggest sled gathering of the year. Colten once again on the quad and me on the sled throwing down freestyle and showing the fans some of our latest tricks. Starting off, things where a bit rough with me hitting the ground while trying to get the sled dialed in.  But soon after, I was able to get the sled smoothed out and start the show. With everything going smoothly the tandem flip was scheduled to take place.  Last minute high winds made for a bit of sketchy circumstances, but Colten and I were determined to show the fans the infamous tandem flip!  We gave the thumbs up and went for it. Rotating great but coming up a bit short made for a rough landing but we pulled it off and are happy to be going home in 1 piece. Make sure and watch for Colten in Mexicali in early October at X Pilots and keep checking back here for more updates!   Caleb